Spring Challenge 2021

Please send your creations through the group so we can grab them :)

Except No. 4: GUESS THE CARD - do not email your solution through the group - email me privately only!!!!

1. Spring Ride

Let's do a cute Spring Ride! Below you will find the background and the ride template.
Please don't change the size of both. Just decorate the ride as you wish.
Just right-click and save everything.

When you are done with your ride please take your prize:

2. Spring Quilt

Please right-click, save the template and decorate it:

When you are done with your quilt please take your prize:

3. Find Flatterly the Butterfly

Flutterly the butterfly got lost somewhere on my tcg site. Please find him!
Flutterly is very very very shy so there was no chance to take a photo of him ;)

When you have find him, double click on him to get your prize :)

4. Guess the card

I think it is time to make the tasks a little bit more difficult...hehehehe..so you have to guess which card this one is:

Have a look at my wanna trade pages or through the card pages on our main site.
When you have found the card please email me private and tell me the correct complete card lettering (e.g. ABCD 01).
DO NOT SENT THE SOLUTIOIN THROUGH THE GROUP PLEASE - Email me privately: sandra@tcg.peppermintpixie.com

And grab and attach this gift certificate to the email to get your prize:

Happy creating, searching and have fun!