Teddy Day 2021

Please send your creations through the group so we can grab them :)

1. Teddy Ride

Let's do a cute Teddy Day Ride! Below you will find the background and the ride template.
Please don't change the size of both. Just decorate the ride as you wish. Please do not add a background to your ride, leave the background transparent.
Just right-click and save everything.


if you have created your ride please take your prize:

her is my ride for you to grab:


2. Teddy Quilt

Please save and decorate it with whatever you like.

When finished take the following prize please:

My Quilt for you to take:


3. Search Buggy Bear

Pour little Buggy Bear is missing - please look through my tcg site to find him!

This time it will be more difficult - I do not post a picture how he looks like...hehehe...

When you have found him, double-click on him and a new window will open with your prize :)

Happy creating & searching!